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And the sons become the fathers
And the daughters will be wives
As the torch is passed from hand to hand
And we struggle through our lives
Though the generations wander
The lineage survives
And all of us
From dust to dust
We all become forefathers
By and by.
Dan Fogelberg


Bypass my Hot-Air Intro

Welcome to the North Central Arkansas Family Tree Farm! Since about 1996 (even I can't remember exactly when!) it has served as a mutual information exchange point for many families who passed through the North Central Arkansas area as the country grew, with a special emphasis on Searcy, Marion, Stone, Van Buren, and Cleburne Counties of that state. We have tried to track our families in, the pioneers from Virginia and Kentucky and the wilds of Wayne County, Tennessee (the TRUE mother of the American West, based on how many came from there!). We tracked them out, as they became Texans, and Oklahomans, and when the Dust Bowl came Californians and other Left Coasters. What started as the simple "Descendants of Peter Reeves" grew larger, as people found point of connection and furnished more and more pieces of the family puzzle. Today, over 26,000 names are grouped in thousands of families and hundreds of surnames.

There are more in here as well. My own family also had roots in Iowa, Illinois, and Ireland, and these have been added here. My mothers family also had Red River Texahomans, who lived along the banks in both Texas and in the Nations. My wife's New Englanders, who don't quite go back to the Pilgrims (but who waited for the first hotels to be built before coming) are in here, with names like Corliss, Stevens, and based on his number of descendants Maj. Simon Willard, the REAL "father of his country". As long as I can tie them to anyone in the tree I haven't rejected any family!

So welcome again. Browse. Study. Remember, the data here is only as good as the people who entered it to me. Don't take anything as stone cold fact unless you have checked it. But DO use this as a springboard to exploring the past of your family even further. And as you find more points to add, DO let me know so I can try to expand our little universe!

We are organized into several areas: The Surname Index, The Photo Gallery, Links, and some Acknowledgments. The Surname Index will lead you to all individual names through the family name. Read through these to find the family page for your ancestor/cousin/black sheep. The gallery will point to some picture of some folks you may know! The links will lead you to more information on many topics of interest, and to other sources of links to data. And acknowledgments are my way of saying "thank you" to at least some of those who have made this site what it is!


The Omnibus Surname Index
Th eGa lle ry

Last Resting Places

Some Links of Interest!

A map of Selected Towns in the Searcy/ Stone/ VanBuren/ Marion Area

Picking up Chicks at the Family Reunion

Subscribing to Genealogy Mailing Lists

The Mountain Meadows Massacre

Folks Researching in This Area

Some Arkansas County Page Links

Some Additional Genealogy Links

The Arkansas Everetts Brain Trust Page

The Reeves/Baker/Barnett/Grinder Wagon Train

The Reeves Family Bible

Some Information on the Arkansas Peace Societies of 1861

Our Guestbook - Please, tell us how we are doing!

Our Discussion Forum - Ask or Answer!

Acknowledging the Efforts of...

As we said above, this site is built on the work of many people who have contributed anywhere from a leaf or a twig to a branch or even a main trunk. I'd like to thank a few of them here publicly.

Charlotte Lucas, who has the patience to make contacts and gather information the snail-mail way
Cheryl Clampett, who gave me a great many of my first leads
Beryl Livingston, who provided the many of the pictures featured here as well as holding many family records 
Leeman Pierce, who both extended and broadened my Pierce line
Judy Oldziewski and Erma Stevenson who have helped provide some tantalizing possible tie ins and a few hot leads
Lafern Reeves Hennessy, who was outline a large part of the Reeves family structure for me.
Cleo Gray Melendez who paved the Grays 
Wendell Chestnut, who collected much of my extended Bemrich, Gilligan, and Hutter families. 

And 1001 people who contributed siblings, children, parents, cousins and sometimes whole lineages to the project. Every one of them is appreciated. 

I would like to thank the many others who through their interest have helped fill some of the voids in the picture. We have a researcher list started (at Researchers ) Ifyou want to be included, email your name, address, and the lines you wish to be advertised for. I will not include people without their consent. USUALLY sometime in the next 5-6 months i will get a round tuit!. I have to admit I have been QUITE delinquent in this. If I missed you give me a kick.

I hope you find this page to be of use as you trace your families through their shifts and changes.

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at steve@texsteve.com

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If you have any questions about the insanity of setting up your own server please ask! Web design of the site itself is my own fault.

This site consists of over 85000 files containing pictures, charts, and the 80000+ family tree html and pedigree files.

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I have now added an FTP server to the site. Using this, you can upload file data to the server rather than trying to put it in e-mails. You can use this to load pictures, GEDCOMS, or other files to me. Please, do not abuse this. Genealogy related files only! Files loaded to this area are considered temporary and may be moved elsewhere in the site without notice. This is being offered as a convenience to all of you.

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